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March 2017 Grant Recipients

Amanda Forrey - Idaho CapEd Foundation Teacher Grant Winner

Exploring Our World Through Books

Amanda Forrey - Indian Creek Elementary School


"Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers." -Harry Truman. At Indian Creek Elementary we focus and foster important leadership traits. We hope to inspire our students to become leaders from where ever they are. Strong literacy skills are essential to supporting our lifelong learners. The books would assist students in exploring big ideas such as American Heritage, Community, History, Culture, Environment, Geography, and much more. These books will provide rich language development and experiences for our students.

Becky Albin - Idaho CapEd Foundation Teacher Grant Winner

Little Learner Ears

Becky Albin - North Star Charter School


At North Star we do not have headphones for multiple users for health reasons. We require students to bring their own earbuds for computer class. This year our school has added computer classes for our full-day kindergartners. We have found that earbuds fall out of the kindergartners' little ears. This causes them to be unable to use the audio portion of many exciting learning adventures on their computers. We have tried many kinds of earbuds and realized that headphones are the best solution to this problem.

Joni Stevenson - Idaho CapEd Foundation Teacher Grant Winner

For The Love of Reading

Joni Stevenson - Cascade High School


One of our district goals this year, and years to come, is to increase our Reading/Literacy scores in all of the measures that we use to determine proficiency. I would love to focus on our Jr/Sr High school library and get some updated literature in there for students to enjoy and learn from. The project will immediately benefit all of my Jr/Sr High school students, and many more students for years to come. I have a district librarian in place to help facilitate and organize the new books, and a school counselor that is willing to do some behind the scenes work as well...we just need the books.

Donna Benjamin - Idaho CapEd Foundation Teacher Grant Winner

March Madness Read-a-thon!

Donna Benjamin - Shadow Butte Elementary


In March, for Read Across America Week, we are doing a Read-a-thon challenge where we are challenging every student to read for a minimum of 20 minutes every day for the month of March, in hopes that it will establish a life-long habit of reading. Research shows that if students are not reading fluently by the third grade, 1) they are likely not to be readers ever, and 2) they are statistically more likely to live at-risk lifestyles for dropping out, crime, and drug abuse. Literacy is a skill that all adults need in order to be successful.

Kristie Sitts - Idaho CapEd Foundation Teacher Grant Winner

Wobble While We Work

Kristie Sitts - Jefferson Middle School


Current research shows that flexible seating arrangements have a positive impact on student learning and growth. After researching the concept, we would like to begin modifying our classroom environment so that students have as many tools as possible to reach their full potential in all type of learning groups. We will begin replacing our outdated, highly limited seating arrangement with one that provides flexibility and that increases student learning while promoting physical activity.

Mike Holloway - Idaho CapEd Foundation Teacher Grant Winner

Thermal Imaging

Mike Holloway - Basin Elementary School


The FLIR One iOS device can be used by the shop class to analyze typical heat loss among various structures. This would be ideal for long-term real-world application in and outside of class. Students can go on to understand how different roof formations may hold on to or lose heat more readily. Looking at different building materials such as brick, wood, plastic siding are also practical applications. Windows are another source of heat-loss if they are not properly installed. This device can be used to detect damage in the window panes and check to see if they are no longer holding a proper seal.

Nancy Finney - Idaho CapEd Foundation Teacher Grant Winner

Books For Selected Learners

Nancy Finney - Nampa High School


Earlier this year, I had a request for a Spanish edition of a classroom novel for an English learner. The NHS Library and textbook collection didn’t have one, nor did either of the other district’s high schools. Shortly after the above request, I had a teacher ask if we had a large print edition for a student who was having difficulty reading the small font. Once again, we didn’t have the book. This was not the first time such requests have been made. Obtaining a grant would help start the process of purchasing these editions of classroom novels in order to provide educational support to segments of our student population.

Robin Mason - Idaho CapEd Foundation Teacher Grant Winner

Hatching Chicken Eggs

Robin Mason - Pillar Falls


Many objectives in the science, language arts, and math curriculum will be incorporated in our chicken egg hatching project. Students will be using the procedures of the scientific method---observation, questioning, hypothesis, experimenting, recording data, analyzing results and collecting and organizing data. They will be predicting the outcome of the incubation. Students will be learning what sort of environment animals need in order to survive and thrive. We will discuss needs and wants that animals and people have and the difference. How can we provide what the chicks need?

Luella Stelck - Idaho CapEd Foundation Teacher Grant Winner

Russell STEAM Room Circuit Scribe

Luella Stelck - Russell Elementary School


Through this project students at Russell Elementary School will be improving their understanding of electrical circuits using a conductive ink pen. During each student’s regularly scheduled science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) class, students will participate in some hands on activities using electrical circuits. Students will be given a basic understanding of how to use the circuit pen to create a circuit that can be opened and closed. After that, each student will build a paper house with lights that can be turned on or off.

Stacey Demers-McFarland - Idaho CapEd Foundation Teacher Grant Winner

Math Manipulatives: Length, Weight, and Time

Stacey Demers-McFarland - Xavier Charter School


Throughout the six-week progressive math units on Length, Weight, and Time, manipulatives will be used to enhance student learning in my second grade classroom. Through the use of these resources, I hope to provide the concrete evidence students need to understand these topics and help bridge their thinking into the next stage of mathematical development, representational. Using manipulatives in learning length, weight, and time will provide a solid necessary foundation, as well as bolster confidence in students’ mathematical skills and reasoning.

Tiffany Ringo - Idaho CapEd Foundation Teacher Grant Winner

3rd Grade Film Festival

Tiffany Ringo - Lena Whitmore Elementary School


In April we begin "Filmmaking Bootcamp". In small groups, students write and produce three act films. During pre-production students brainstorm possible movie ideas using a common prop. After each group selects their best idea, they focus on story development. Using the "9 Sentence Story" template, groups write a three act film. After edits and revisions are made, groups focus on creating story boards to prepare for production. Groups also create props and costumes for their film.