January 2020 Teacher Grant Recipients

Literacy Night Katie Conway – Chaparral Elementary School, Meridian $423.00 I would like to host a school wide Literacy Night for all of the families at our school, and this will help parents improve both their parenting and literacy skills while providing young children with early childhood education opportunities. The projected date for this event […]

December 2019 Teacher Grant Recipients

Creating a Community of Learners Andrea Arnold – Caldwell High School, Caldwell $735.10 I have recently created what I call “Coffee Club” in my classroom. This is simply a hot water/coffee bar in the back of my classroom that is open to any student who wants to participate. Students contribute what they can to the […]

November 2019 Teacher Grant Recipients

Growing our Learning and Expanding our Minds! Rachel Schaefer – Patriot Center School, Emmett $600.00 This project will expand our school’s limited library. We house students that come from the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections and the Idaho department of Health and Welfare. Our two classes are part of the school district but housed in […]

October 2019 Teacher Grant Recipients

Helping Students to Concentrate with Wobble Chairs Tina Jacobsen – Horizon Elementary, Jerome $497.91 I teach small groups of students reading strategies to improve their literacy skills. My project is to incorporate wobble stools into my classroom because students come to school energetic and eager to learn, but they cannot sit long enough to learn […]

September 2019 Teacher Grant Recipients

STEM Gems Leslie Evans – Kershaw Intermediate, Sugar City $496.00 I am the STEM Teacher for 4th-6th grade at our school, I will teach more than 390 students every single week. I also teach the Gifted and Talented students from 4th to 8th grade, which is more than 130 students in my school district. With […]

March 2019 Teacher Grant Recipients

Hands-On Coding Dori Atterberry – Galileo STEM Academy, Eagle $675.95 Playing with blocks has been around for centuries. This age old toy remains one of the most important tools for children to use in developing critical thinking skills. Hands-On Coding Blocks allow children to physically move and act out algorithms. They take the computer out […]

February 2019 Teacher Grant Recipients

Math Manipulatives Katey Basye – Cascade Elementary School, Cascade $185.00 Some classrooms in our school have recently switched math programs to hopefully help students better understand the math processes. The 5th grade class I have this year has been noted as an under-performing group of students on the state math test. Some of these students […]

January 2019 Teacher Grant Recipients

Who’s My Neighbor? Brad Nishitani – Council Elementary, Council $739.59 Have you ever wondered what animals live or visit your neighborhood? This is exactly what third graders at my school want to know! Throughout the year we study the local birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and fish. The game cameras ordered with this grant will give […]

December 2018 Teacher Grant Recipients

Edmark Reading Program Kara Smith – Filer Elementary School, Filer $600.00 The key to the success of the Edmark Reading Program is its use of a carefully sequenced, highly repetitive word recognition method combined with errorless learning. This approach eliminates incorrect responses and helps students view themselves as a reader, building their confidence and encouraging […]

November 2018 Teacher Grant Recipients

Growing Tomorrow’s Readers Carolyn Knam – Frontier Elementary School, Boise $611.01 As students read series, they became comfortable with the syntax, the way the author writes. They become comfortable with the familiar characters in the series and they can’t wait to find out what happens in the next book! In our school library we have […]

October 2018 Teacher Grant Recipients

Molecular Model Kits Robert Vallier – Sage Valley Middle School, Nampa $747.66 The funds from this grant will be used to purchase 20 to 30 molecular model kits for my classroom. These supplies would be shared with my 6th grade science colleagues, impacting over 400 students per school year. The model kits will assist students […]

September 2018 Teacher Grant Recipients

ASL Class and Club Books Samantha Showers – Nampa High School, Nampa $732.46 I started teaching basic signs to a group of students during advisory last year. Every week, we had an average of 30 students from all four grade levels show up to learn ASL. Due to the growing interest in the language, one […]

March 2018 Teacher Grant Winners

Language Learning Resources Chitlada Patchen – Frontier Elementary School, Boise $747.79 Our newly established Newcomers classroom serves 24 English language learners ranging from first grade to fifth. The classroom is in need of a quality phonemic awareness program that will reinforce their ability to hear letter sounds. An online word study program would help my […]

February 2018 Teacher Grant Winners

Keeping Bellies Full and Kids Clothed Amber McVey – Pepper Ridge Elementary, Boise $382.35 In our school there are students who do not have enough to eat and who may need additional clothing. This means they are not able to fully focus in class, attend to instruction, and a plethora of other things. They are […]

January 2018 Teacher Grant Winners

Word Play Eva Griffin – Fruitland High School, Fruitland $750.00 This project will purchase card and board games to build and retain language concepts. They will be available to individual students, classrooms, library groups and to all students for summer use when reading skills regress. Family and group interaction will strengthen literacy beyond the student […]

December 2017 Teacher Grant Winners

Pictionary Dictionaries for ELL Classroom Lisa Sterling – Hillside Junior High, Boise $729.00 Newcomer students are faced with the challenge of learning a great deal of vocabulary in a short period of time. They need resources that are up-to-date and provide pictures and words of the objects they will encounter in their new homes, schools, […]

November 2017 Teacher Grant Winners

A Twenty-First Century Classroom Ramona Beyuka – Council High School, Council $734.95 With better technology of an Epson projector combined with a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1, I can display classroom material in a way that the entire classroom can benefit. I will have the freedom to present from anywhere in the room, rather than […]

October 2017 Teacher Grant Winners

Supplemental Novels for VMS Bret Heller – Victory Middle School, Meridian $750.00 Victory Middle School opened last fall of 2016. Our English Language Arts department uses a completely different textbook than all the other middle schools, due to the textbook currently being used around the district no longer being published at a scale to supply […]

September 2017 Teacher Grant Winners

Breaking Down Communication Barriers in the 21st Century Chelsea Reichel – Oregon Trail Elementary, Twin Falls $549.88 Sometimes people worry when they think of students using iPads during therapy. “Won’t they just be plugged into the device? What’s the point of the therapist, then?” This is not the case. The ipad really is just a […]

March 2017 Teacher Grant Winners

Exploring Our World Through Books Amanda Forrey – Indian Creek Elementary School $720.00 “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” -Harry Truman. At Indian Creek Elementary we focus and foster important leadership traits. We hope to inspire our students to become leaders from where ever they are. Strong literacy skills are essential […]

February 2017 Teacher Grant Winners

Table Tennis Club Breanna Carmack – Columbia High School $747.00 As an energetic new teacher, I started a Table Tennis Club at my school last year. It is expanding with more students interested in participating. We, however, have insufficient funds to pay for replacement or additional tables. Due to the success and interest in this […]

January 2017 Teacher Grant Winners

Timeless Classic Dana Miller – Silver Trail Elementary $386.40 My project, Timeless Classic, is an effort to bring Charlotte’s Web to the entire third grade at my school. Right now, we have 30 books to share among three classrooms for our novel study of this classic story. My goal is to purchase 60 more copies […]

December 2016 Teacher Grant Winners

New Nonfiction Helps Us Achieve Bonny Phillips – West Elementary $512.17 Informational text is a type of nonfiction that conveys information about the natural or social world. Exposing students to this genre early offers great benefits for young readers. It provides the key to success in later schooling, prepares students to handle real-life reading, appeals […]

November 2016 Teacher Grant Winners

Labratory Safety First Liza Martin – Glenns Ferry Middle School $215.75 Currently, I have a class set of goggles that were purchased by the school district. However, we are lacking in protective gloves and aprons and have no remaining lab supply funds. In the past, I have asked for donations of disposable gloves from the […]

October 2016 Teacher Grant Winners

Multi-Mount Combination Map Set Hilary Dotters – The Ambrose School $700.00 It is often difficult to conceptualize certain historical events or to picture how landscapes impact government and policy without a map to easily reference. These maps would make a significant difference in my students’ ability to grasp the space and distances we cover. While […]

September 2016 Teacher Grant Winners

Velocity, Acceleration, and Speed McKinsey Rodriguez – Jerome Middle School $750.00 With this grant the physical science department will be able to purchase 3 complete photogate systems. Photogates measure the time it takes for an ­object to pass through. Students can choose from five timing modes: Interval, single- or double-photogate timing, for experiments on speed […]

March 2016 Teacher Grant Winners

Star Stallion Indoor Garden Project Angela Peterson – Star Elementary School $750.00 We have obtained the plans to make our dream a reality with a table top seed starting system. This would provide each grade level their own indoor garden. Students and educators will be building the units which they can use with their science […]

February 2016 Teacher Grant Winners

Near Space For Cascade II Cheyenne Jedry – Cascade School $750.00 The goal is for students to build a weather balloon that can be launched into near space and collect data for temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind speed, and also take photographs. At the base of the balloon is a box called a balloon sat […]

January 2016 Teacher Grant Winners

Snap Circuitry Andrea Robbins – Hansen High School $750.00 Electrical circuitry is best mastered using equipment for hands-on learning experiences, but these tools can be dangerous and are costly. Snap Circuit kits will provide my two ninth-grade Physical Science classes with real-world applications of electrical technology by allowing students to create parallel and series circuits, […]

December 2015 Teacher Grant Winners

Math Manipulatives Kyle Meyers – Minico High School $690.80 I want to use math manipulatives to teach fractions to my lower level high school math classes. Fractions are something that many kids struggle with, and so I’m hoping visually seeing things will help them understand the concepts better. Also, I would like to purchase magnet […]

November 2015 Teacher Grant Winners

Classroom Soundfield FM System Jocelyn Michalak – Eagle Hills Elementary $750.00 This Soundfield FM system would not only benefit the three students with hearing loss, but would also be beneficial to all those within my classroom. It helps amplify my voice and allows students to better hear the content that I am teaching over some […]

October 2015 Teacher Grant Winners

Robotics Kits Sean Boston – Capital High School $742.00 This affordable robotics kit utilizes servos, LEDs, piezo speaker, ultrasonic sensors, and light sensors to make a robot that can respond to and navigate through their environment. To program the robots, the Arduino software is used. This uses a graphical user interface (GUI) to simplify the […]

September 2015 Teacher Grant Winners

Linking Hidden Springs Elementary School and the Ada County Library through Art Tina Smith – Hidden Springs Elementary School $423.58 Not having its own in-school library, HSES is fortunate to be just three blocks from a branch of the Ada County Library. Most weeks, classes can be seen walking to and from the library for […]

March 2015 Teacher Grant Winners

Aerial Drone Research Tegan Byerly – Vallivue High School $750.00 Through a collaborative effort, AP Biology, AP Physics, and AP Chemistry will be able to use the drone to help view the surrounding agricultural area to observe the health of the fields, such as soil composition and erosion, how much water is utilized, the flow […]

February 2015 Teacher Grant Winners

Give Me a Voice Molly McCabe – Mary McPherson Elementary $657.00 Currently, 94% of the students on my special education caseload have a documented language delay and are receiving language therapy services within the school. Of this 94%, 25% are classified as being non-verbal. All of these children consistently struggle with interacting with peers & […]

January 2015 Teacher Grant Winners

Aquaponics & School Lunches Lindsey Truxel – Barbara Morgan Elementary $750.00 We would like to show the students how vegetables can be grown locally, in this climate which is a very short growing season, during the winter. What we need to get started now is Styrofoam for floating the seeds, a medium for the seeds, […]

Which Came First: The Chicken, or the Egg?

The kids flocked from all over the school to see the baby chicks when Brian Hutton, the student teacher, brought an incubator into the 2nd grade classroom. That engagement inspired Mill Creek Elementary 2nd grade teacher, Felicity Steers, and thanks to the Idaho CapEd Foundation and a Teacher Grant for $319.33, she’ll be getting an incubator for her classroom.

Moby Max

When Heather Burton sees a way to motivate her students in the 6th through 8th grade special education and intervention classes, she goes for it. With the help of a $644.95 Teacher Grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation, she’ll be able to provide the Vision Charter School students with 10 MobyMax Tablets that will provide […]

Sew Easy

For many students, math is a tough subject until they can apply the concepts. Sharon Seid, the 4th and 5th grade teacher at Peregrine Elementary wants to help her students get some hands on experience. With the help of a Teacher Grant for $749.50 from the Idaho CapEd Foundation, she will be starting a program […]

Wagons Ho!

Students at East Canyon Elementary will be able to experience life in the late 1800’s, with the help of a $600 Teacher Grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation. Teacher Debra Watson who teaches Idaho History made it possible for her students to experience this special day.

Real World Experience

Patricia Frahm is excited about helping her students prepare for the real world. She submitted and won a $310 Teacher Grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation. These funds will help pay for a program called “Reality Town”. This innovative program will teach students through real world scenarios.

Digi-Blocks For Math

The 5th graders at Compass Charter School in Meridian are getting some new tools to learn math. Thanks to their teacher, Nichole Reynolds, and a grant for $750 from the Idaho CapEd Foundation, the class will be getting a set of Digi-Blocks. Digi-Blocks are blocks designed to help students understand the concepts of decimal numbers. […]

Hands on Engineering

Students at West Middle School, in Nampa are excited to learn engineering and design. Teacher Rebecca Gartner, was the recipient of a $750 Teacher Grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation. With these funds, her students will be able to take the next step in learning about design and engineering.

Rodent And Raptor Tracking

The 10th, 11th and 12th grade students at Borah High School are going to be on the lookout for rodents and raptors. Thanks to their teacher, Jeremy Thompson, and a $547.27 grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation, they’ll have the equipment to collect data about the rodents in the area. With the information they collect, […]

Reforming The Heart

The Middleton School District’s 2nd and 3rd graders will soon be experiencing reformation, thanks to the efforts of Amy Brownlee, the district’s Gifted & Talented program director. She just won a grant totaling $664 from the Idaho CapEd Foundation to implement a program titled Reforming The Heart. The program will use hands on experiences, research, […]


David Mullins, of Idaho Arts Charter won a $278.64 Teacher Grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation. He will be using the funds to help his students take a hands-on learning approach to math. The 8th grade students are learning the Pythagorean Theorem and David’s program is going to enable a deeper understanding.

Economics in the Third Grade

Third grade students at River Valley Elementary are about to embark on a business adventure. Their teacher, Deborah Fisher, received a $750 Teacher Grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation to purchase an iPad Mini and baking supplies to get things started.

Kindergarten Readiness Bags

Kathy Cook from Priest River Elementary has vision for helping students be as ready as they possibly can for Kindergarten. This endeavor includes items that can be quite costly, but essential to the outcome of Kindergarten readiness. With the help from a $750 Teacher Grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation, Kathy will once again be able to provide these items to parents this year.

McCall Outdoor Science School

Sixth graders at St. Paul’s Catholic School are in for an exciting adventure this spring. They will be attending the McCall Outdoor Science School, otherwise known as MOSS. Their teacher, Donna Gordon, has been working very hard to come up with ways to get them there. The Idaho CapEd Foundation is pleased to provide part of the funds with a $750 grant.

Reading Through the Summer

Katie Crawford, of West Elementary in Mountain Home, wants her students to become passionate readers. She will be able to implement a plan to do so, with a $569.19 Teacher Grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation.

Multisensory Explore and Learn Room

Ivy Snow, of Kenneth Carberry Elementary in Emmett is going to be expanding the Special Education classroom, with the help of a $750 Teacher Grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation. The funds will be used to create a comfortable, calming room designated for students who are experiencing sensory overload.

College Preparatory Chemistry Labs

Council High School Juniors and Seniors are on their way to having updated equipment for a dual credit Chemistry class. That’s because teacher Joe Lyon was awarded a $750 Teacher Grant through the Idaho CapEd Foundation.

LEGOs for Literacy

Debbie Dawes, of Potlatch Elementary, is taking an innovative approach to teaching Language Arts to her students. She was determined to find an effective, out of the box solution to inspire her students. With the help of a $750 Teacher Grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation, she will be able to implement her “LEGOs for Literacy” project.

Novels for Critical Thinking

Fourth grade students at Burton Elementary in Rexburg will soon be reading full length, in depth novels. This is with the help of teacher Heidi Jo West and a $750.00 Teacher Grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation. Heidi Jo will purchase class sets of three different novels. They have been chosen specifically because their higher level content will help students master language arts, in accordance to the new Common Core State Standards.

Instruments for Real-Life Connections

Teacher Julianne Russell at St. Joseph’s School will use a $750.00 Teacher Grant awarded by the Idaho CapEd Foundation, to purchase Texas Instrument graphing calculators and rangers. Students will use these for collecting data on, graphing, and analyzing their motions.

Hands-on Science

Dale Walker, a teacher at Bonneville High School wants his science students to experience a hands on approach to learning. Dale was one of the March winners of a Teacher Grant for $343.10, provided by the Idaho CapEd Foundation. The funds will go toward the purchase of two energy kits from Carolina Biological company.

Laptop with Voice Recognition Software

Eagle High School teacher Laura Arnold has a very bright, fun loving student called M.K. with a great need. With help from the Idaho CapEd Foundation Teacher Grant Program, Laura will purchase a laptop with voice recognition software to meet this need.

Rocketing Towards Learning!

Sixth graders at Hidden Springs Elementary School in Boise are in for an exciting aeronautic experience. With help from a Teacher Grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation, teacher Brian Whitney is purchasing rocket making kits and launching pads. Students will use the scientific method to develop a model and build and launch model rockets.

Economic Education

Kate Stein, of Kuna High School, wants her students to learn the intricacies of the global economy. She was awarded a $750 Teacher Grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation. These funds will provide team fees for 15 teams to attend an International Economic Summit. The summit provides students with a unique learning experience they are unable to get elsewhere.

Making the Connection Between Reading and Writing

Cindy Spatz, teacher at Melba Elementary School, is on the hunt for ways to improve her students English Language Arts scores. One way is to help the English Language Learners and the Title 1 students improve their oral language skills. A $750 Teacher Grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation has been awarded to Cindy. This grant will allow her to purchase a portion of the Mondo Reading program for oral language called “Let’s Talk About It!”

Launching for Learning

Last fall, students at Barbara Morgan STEM Academy did a school-wide rocket launching project. They can’t stop talking about it! Students built soda bottle rockets, and Boise State University supplied an air compressor and rocket launcher. Students were able to watch their designs fly. Thanks to teacher Lynnea Shafter and a Teacher Grant awarded by the Idaho CapEd Foundation, Barbara Morgan STEM Academy will now have their own air compressor and rocket launcher. They will be performing the rocket launching activity every school year.

21st Century Drafting

Teacher Paul Shaber has been teaching Computer Aided Drafting class for years, but has noticed a decline in enrollment due to outdated technology for the class. He has thankfully been awarded a Teacher Grant for two new Acer Desktop Computers. The new computers will allow students to utilize advanced CAD software.

Fun with Fitness

Teacher Lonnie Funkhouser, of the Hagerman School District, sees the value of adequate physical education. Many of his students are not meeting their suggested daily requirements for physical activity. Lonnie decided it was time to change this, so he applied for a $750 grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation. He was one of our February winners.

Understanding Circuits is a Snap

Teacher Randy Hawkins, from Peregrine Elementary, is helping his 4th grade students understand circuitry. A $686.68 teacher grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation is going to buy sets of Snap Circuits. These sets allow students to build their own radios, burglar alarms, and more. This approach opens young students up to exploring science and discovery.

Ukuleles in the Classroom

The Village Charter School in Boise is excited to be expanding its music program with ukulele instruction. Fourth to eighth grade classes will benefit from the expanded program. However, Teacher Lise Hansen needed funding to purchase enough ukuleles for classes to effectively participate. Mrs. Hansen reached out to the Idaho CapEd Foundation for a $750 teacher grant.

It is a small world after all!

Microscopic cells and bacteria are about to get a lot bigger at Borah High School! That’s because teacher Kristine Ablin-Stone will be able to buy a new 1000x microscope and camera. Funded by a $711 teacher grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation, the new equipment will dramatically improve biology studies.

The History of Art

Pamela Asher, of Lake City High School, wants her students to experience art in the traditional form, using some of the earliest artistic techniques. Pamela’s project will be funded by a $750 grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation. Pamela will use these funds to buy materials that will help teach her students about a historic form of art.

Moby Max Motivates Students

Special education students at Rocky Mountain Middle School, will benefit from a $614.63 Teacher Grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation. Teacher Karoline Gleave will use this money to purchase a variety of products that will help her students with reading, spelling, and comprehension.

Lunchtime Engineering

Julie Richardson, of Oakley Junior Senior High School, wants her students to be productive during their free time. A $750 Teacher Grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation will purchase items for her Lunchtime Engineering program. Legos, Erector Sets, and Lincoln Logs will be available to students at lunch and after school.

500 Students Participate in Mobile Discovery Lab

Over 500 students from Mary McPherson Elementary School are getting ready for an exciting time of discovery! The Mobile Discovery Lab will be visiting the school, thanks in part to a $750 teacher grant, awarded to Susan Dransfield, from the Idaho CapEd Foundation. Two days of hands on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) activities will take kids on a journey they will never forget.

Our Rivers, Our Stories

Does inspiring an entire community to care for the Boise River sound like a large task? For Timberline High School teacher Dick Jordan and his Advanced Placement Environmental Science students, it’s a challenge worth accepting. With help from a $750 teacher grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation, his students will tell the stories of the Boise River for all who travel it.

Bloomin’ Kids

Authentic learning doesn’t always come easy, but teacher Trenna McCashland has found a way to help her students bloom. Her fifth grade class at Peregrine Elementary will study plant cells in a fresh and exciting way. With funding from the Idaho CapEd Foundation, they will plan and plant their own garden for charity.

Novels Carry Students to Distant Lands

7th grade English students at Homedale Middle School are poised to explore other cultures in India. With a $497.10 grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation, teacher Sally Gonser will be able to bring new novels into the classroom. The Novels include Homeless Bird, a story of a young Indian girl names Koli. The books will bring cultural understanding and how individuals are shapes by it.

Necessities for The Bear Necessities

The school store at Rocky Mountain High School, called The Bear Necessities, is brand new this school year. Students in the Business Ownership and Entrepreneurship class open and operate the store during lunch time, selling snack items and RMHS Grizzly logo items such as t-shirts and sweatshirts. Teacher Dane Roy, who teaches the classes and oversees the school store, applied for a Teacher Grant through the Idaho CapEd Foundation…

Slinky Seismometers

Erin Stutzman of Timberline High School won a $750 grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation. Her project will require students to work carefully to build seismometers and monitor seismic activity thereafter.

High School Plays Classroom Jeopardy

Students at Eagle High School are getting the opportunity to be interactive and competitive, while they study math. Teacher, Maria Ayala-Marshall will fund her project with a $750 grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation. Maria sees value in interactive and creative ways to learn. With Classroom Jeopardy, her students will have fun participating as they learn.

Preschoolers Discover Art

A special group of preschoolers in Emmet are getting ready to explore art in the best possible way – hands on! Teacher Kimberly Simpson at the ECSE Preschool believes that expressive art projects will reinforce the concepts they are teaching. Engaging students through the creative use of various art forms will bring a new love of learning and exploration to these young students. Making this vision possible is a $750 teacher grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation. The grant will purchase the supplies needed.

Imagine Tomorrow Alternative Energy Investigation

The Science Club at Capital High School has broken up into three teams to focus alternative energy and sustainability research. Each team will take on a unique challenge to overcome real world problems. Renewable energy, clean water, and even transportation will be fully researched with working models. To overcome the financial challenges of this mission, teacher Sharon Cates applied for a $750 teacher grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation.

Industrial Crafts & Technology

Teacher Stuart Grimes started teaching a new class at Fruitland Middle School this year. The Industrial Crafts & Technology class focuses on subjects such as aerodynamics, weight, rotating mass, and construction materials. The students build various projects ranging from model homes to working model cars. In an effort to boost class productivity, Stuart applied for a $750 teacher grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation.

Elementary Students Build A Community Garden

Science, health, and social studies are getting down in the dirt this year at Pepper Ridge Elementary. Students will not just be learning how our food grows. They will be seeing it happen, and sharing it with community members in need. Teacher Robert Lazechko was awarded a $700 teacher grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation to purchase the materials needed to get started.

20 Year Old Kitchen Gets Updated

Students at Black Canyon High School have been learning independent living skills for the past 20 years. However, not much has changed in the kitchen that has taught so many young people how to eat healthy, plan meals, and cook. Now struggling with less than adequate supplies and equipment, Teacher Annette Lutes reached out to the Idaho CapEd Foundation for help. With a $750 teacher grant, she will be able to replenish the kitchen with new cookware, tableware, a new electric range, and more!

Science Through The Seasons

The third grade science class at Mackay Elementary have a unique chance to explore the life cycles of plants and animals. Instead of only seeing food chains explained through illustrations and text books, these students will explore science with a hands on approach. To help fund the purchase of the materials needed, teacher Mrs. Hoover applied for a $541.50 grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation.

Mastering The Old Masters

Imagine yourself in the Baroque period, learning to paint like the “Old Masters” painted. Rembrandt, Rubens, and Vermeer were all significant contributors during this era of artistic renaissance. At Lake City High School, art students will be able to not just study the traditional style, but paint it as well. Teacher Cynthia Chapman applied for a $641.93 grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation to purchase art materials for the students.

Finding Forensics in Potlatch

Potlatch Jr-Sr High School offers an elective science class called Forensic Science for 11th and 12th graders. Teacher Laura Wommack wanted to provide an extra fun element to this class. She applied for and received a $695.75 Teacher Grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation to purchase forensics supplies.

Seeing is Believing

Teacher Niki Vigos is passionate about science. That’s why she sought out a $749.80 Teacher Grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation. She was one of the November winners, so now her students at Hunter Elementary will be able to enjoy a set of classroom microscopes.

Balsa Wood and Rubber Bands Take Flight

Kuna High School students in Ornithology class will have the opportunity to build flying objects called Ornithoptors, using balsa wood, rubber bands, tissue paper, and wire. This is because their teacher, Kim Bowen, received a $367.00 Teacher Grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation.

A Science Extravaganza at Gateways

Students at Gateways Secondary School in Nampa are preparing for an all day science extravaganza. This one day event will deliver hands on learning to students who are unable to visit the Discovery Center. The Idaho CapEd Foundation has awarded Teacher Tammy O’Rourke $750 to fund the event.

Using Elements of the Future to Study the Past

Students at Mary McPherson Elementary in Meridian are going to be able to use technology to help them not only study history, but bring it to life. With the help of a $658.00 Teacher Grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation, teacher Emily Drake will purchase mini iPads to incorporate technology into 4th grade History curriculum.

Learning Math with Robots

Teacher Sharon-Ann Walsh realizes that some students need an innovative approach to get excited about math. Her students at Crossroads Middle School will now have an opportunity to learn math in a whole new way, thanks to a $735.85 grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation. Sharon-Ann will be using the money awarded to purchase “Multi Leveled Robot Kits”, to help peak interest in math.

The Wonders of Wildlife

Perky Smith-Hagadone wants her students at Northside Elementary, in Sandpoint, to be familiar with the scientific process and wildlife. Perky was the winner of a $625 Teacher Grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation. Her students will now have an exciting, interactive opportunity to learn about wildlife in their natural habitat.

Art Projects in World Humanities Class

World Humanities students at Council Jr./Sr. High School are excited to have Art History incorporated into their lessons. Teacher Brian Joyce has been awarded $745 by the Idaho CapEd Foundation to purchase various art supplies. Joyce hopes the art supplies will compliment textbooks and curriculum materials that he obtained last school year. The curriculum and […]

Experiments in Physics

Speed, velocity, and acceleration are core concepts for High School Physics. Without being able to measure these three fundamentals of physics, Rimrock High School sits still with a disadvantage. Fortunately, teacher Kermit Tate wasn’t content with this and applied for a $750 grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation to help purchase new equipment that will fill in the gap.

Algae: The Future of Fuel

For this Halloween edition of Teacher Grant awards, Aaron Butler is getting his students ready for the future of fuel. His students at Capital High School will be using the $750 awarded from the Idaho CapEd Foundation, to create biofuel with algae. The students are taking a major role in the project and have already planned out the production system they’d like to use for this exciting project.

Inspirational Engineers

Dan Blitman sees the value in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) curriculum. Thanks to a $500 grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation, Dan will be able to expand the reach of STEM education, to his students at Silver Trail Elementary. Dan will purchase a Family Engineering set in order to host events for students and their parents, to engage in exciting activities. Click “Continue Reading” for more!

Brick Labs and Animal Habitats

Some very excited second graders at Silver Sage Elementary will be studying animals and their habitats in Math and Science class. Teacher Stephanie Penney applied for a $595 grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation to purchase the Brick Lab. Boise based PCS Edventures creates the second grade Brick Lab that will be used daily in the classroom.

Green Globs Are Taking Over

Students at East Valley Middle School are going to start using Green Globs & Graphing Equations to boost their mental math skills. This software program helps students of all skill and confidence levels experiment with equations and visual graphs. Math teacher Seanna Ault applied for a $305 teacher grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation to purchase the software for her school. Click “Continue Reading” for the full story!

Space Camp Takes Off

Rocketeers at Eagle Hills Elementary, also known as students, are gearing up for space camp. Space Camp is an after school program where students must work together to build various types of rockets. The rockets must fly and deliver a payload safely back to earth. Teacher John Pattis sought help from the Idaho CapEd Foundation to pay for the program. With a $700 grant to pay for supplies, both John and his Rocketeers will start preparing for their launch date.

Art Class to Paint Four Seasons Mural

Parma high school art students have plans to help beautify the local middle school with a four seasons mural. The middle school, which faces high traffic, has been in need of a paint job for several years. Now, with a $750 grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation, teacher Linda McMillin will oversee her class as they paint the mural.

Locos por Libros: Crazy for Books

Spanish courses focus on developing communication skills at Compass Academy. To deepen her students level of learning, teacher Briana Livingston applied for a $750 grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation. The grant will purchase several new sets of Spanish novels. The new novel sets will pick up where her current Spanish Level 1 sets leave off.

Balancing the Equation

At Aberdeen High School, math students are about to benefit from a set of new graphing calculators for the classroom. Often these devices are out of the price range of students. That’s why math teacher Diana Sargent applied for a $750 teacher grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation.