You are eligible if you are a teacher teaching Pre-K through 12th grade in the state of Idaho at an accredited school.

We only allow each applicant to send one application per month. Because of the way applications are sent out for selection, and how a teacher can only win once per school year, teachers can only submit one application per month. If a teacher does not win and wants to apply again another month, a different project can be proposed at that time.

Yes, we award any amount up to $750. And, if after we’ve chosen the seven winners in a month and there’s still money left over, we may pick another winner or two. This is why sometimes we award as many as nine or ten teachers in a given month.

  • Field trip transportation costs
  • Teacher conferences
  • Projects that still need a significant amount of fund raising
  • Projects where it is clear it will not be completed by the end of the school year

We have not yet required a teacher to return unused funds. Of course, we expect the application “Cost of Project” portion to be filled out explicitly and to be followed precisely should we award the teacher. If money is left over, CapEd should have already been notified about differences in application vs. actual spending.

Yes, please communicate with CapEd if your project changes in any way. There have been instances where teachers are not happy with materials they have ordered, or the project does not reach a high enough standard after a test run. In these cases, we want to work with you to find a way to use your grant money in a way that is acceptable. Please remember that your project was chosen by our Selection Committee based on specific standard and content, as well as its value to education.

Should your project change, its value may be lowered, thus creating a situation where you may not have won initially and someone else may have been chosen. Therefore, projects must stay as close as possible to the original idea, and the teacher needs to communicate all possible changes with CapEd before they occur. Thank you for your cooperation in this.

Each grant winner will be given a “Project Expenditure Form” and a “Project Recap” form to report the completion of their project. The Project Expenditure Form is due within two months of receiving the grant, and the Project Recap Form is due by May 15, 2016.

These mandatory forms allow the Idaho CapEd Foundation and the Teacher Grant Selection Committee to see how the grant money was spent, and how the project benefited students and education.

These forms are available on the Teacher Grant Winners portion of our website; instructions are there as well. Photos and samples are highly encouraged to show the Selection Committee how the money was used.

We arrange a presentation time with each winning teachers’ principal, and usually it is a surprise. Therefore, we try not to post the results of the winners until all the winners for a given month have been presented to and given their checks. If it is getting close to the 10th of the next month, and you want to be sure your application is considered again in case you haven’t won, we encourage you to look over your application, change the date, and resubmit.
No. Since the check is made payable to the school, the proceeds are not taxable.
The grant check is made payable to the school. CapEd will require a statement to be signed by the principal that the proceeds of the award will be used for the project and not for other purposes. CapEd will provide the principal with the appropriate forms.
No. All teachers listed in question #1 are eligible.
A teacher can only win one Teacher Grant during a school year. If a teacher has won during previous school years, and if they reapply this school year, they are eligible to win again.
No. We will award multiple teachers in the same school, and have done so in the same month, or in following months. The only restriction is that teachers who have won during the school year cannot apply or win again until a new school year.
Yes. Teachers may apply as many times as they want but they must resubmit their application for the month(s) they want to reapply. It is in the teacher’s best interest to check the application over and make sure it follows the instructions. Some teachers have applied every month from September-March, and finally won in March, and other teachers apply for two school years and finally win in the 2nd year. Don’t be discouraged! Keep applying!

The selection committee will select a project that meets these qualifications:

  • Enables improved classroom learning and teaching
  • Enhances the Current State or District Curriculum; and
  • Cannot be Funded Solely with District or Building Funds